NANGA with joint

  • Innerhalb

Dekorativer Steinverblender

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Nanga is a tile, with the design inspired by impregnable mountains and beauty in landscapes where humans haven’t intervened with nature yet. In the interiors filled with Nanga we can calm down, breathe calmly and feel close to nature itself. It can be helpful in lifting our mood, and help us start to change our negative focus.

Soft, warm colors of tiles allow the careful balancing the irregular, heavily outlined structure. Nanga has been designed to delight of our customers and to provide them innovative solutions. Individual panels have a special shape and leave unique patterns on the walls.

Nanga fits perfectly into the interior of traditional, colonial and rustic style. It also fits the warm and cozy interiors which evoke a sense of calmness. Nanga looks good when it’s accompanied with with raw, dark wood. It is also perfectly suitable for upholstery soft furnishings and fur rugs.